Values of BINA Company

The company image

BINA Company complies with keeping its real-estate image as being positive, qualitative, interactive with its target markets, based on qualitative allies who ensure the belonging of the company to all sectors related to its investments.


The company applies all local and international standards pertaining to total quality management and excellence standards that achieve the satisfaction of its clients and keep it moving toward achieving its goals.


The company presents all its internal and external processes through professionals and specialists in all its fields who are able to cope up with the renewable knowledge and to train all staff regarding that.


The company complies with investing its sources as much as possible and developing these sources to cover all creative processes in the company scope of work.

Modernization and development

BINA Real-Estate Company complies with effective communication with all sources of information, technology and professional entities for the constant updating of the mechanisms, procedures and policies of its processes, as well as contributing in the innovations related to its work sectors.


BINA Company recognizes the maximum importance of the source of time being the most important and sensitive source in the investment processes.


The clients and their satisfactions are the basis of evaluating the strategic processes of the company and the comprehensive methods of its success. Whether they offer services to the company or benefit from its services, the clients are on top of the company priorities for satisfaction.

Principle of Investment

The company won't invest in any field unless it is legal (Halal).


All the workers at BINA Company have the basic qualities of efficiency, effectiveness, creativity, accumulative experience, belonging and self-development. This provides them with equivalent opportunities, profession satisfaction, growth chances and self-achievement.