• The company distributes its investment capital on a parcel of real-estate investments or the activities pertaining to it. The varied investment on non real-estate must not exceed (20%) of the company capital.
  • The company shall vary its accumulated real-estate investments: residential real-estate (25%), commercial real-estate (50%) and other real-estate (25%).
  • The company shall keep real-estate investment not less than (50%) of its total investments in RAK and use the rest of these investments in other regions inside and outside the country, focusing on Dubai and Sharjah as strategic investment markets following RAK.
  • Before making a decision about them, all the investments shall be subject to economic feasibility and investment study which ensures the success of the investment of company at a rate not less than (85%).
  • The company shall keep total investment revenues of the assets at a rate of at least (30%), and at least (15%) of the gross profits.
  • The company shall invest its fixed assets to get financial facilities that serve its real-estate projects.
  • The company shall keep the size of annual cash circulation at 100 million AED at least through all its investments in various projects.