Chairman's Message

The partners/ Owners have launched BINA RE based to a very clear and specific vision of uniqueness in the real estate investment markets. Hence, since it has been operated in the market many years ago, the company has based its investments to some solid strategic package of objectives:

  • To increase and grate the assets owns by the company, and are liquidized to income generating projects as per the market trends and the available opportunities.
  • A solid connection to investment trends in RAK particularly, and in the country in general.
  • To be involved in strategic partnerships of those that are able to invest the company's assets in recognized projects that are selected as per the company's investment criteria.
  • To be within the development trends and paradigms of the areas where the company starts any investment, and on all levels.
  • As the company has been successful in performing many recognized projects, and has been able to accumulate assets of more than a billion, then the company is sure of its solid strategies of assets investments through our strategic allies who are distributed all over the markets we are dealing with.