The company sources for achieving its targets

The current assets of the company

The investment and real-estate assets owned by the company so far will support all the investments and expected investment opportunities in the real-estate investment market.

The partners and work team accumulated experiences

They are the main source of administering all sources and expected investment chances on the basis of a group of prior investment, professional and financial standards that govern all the processes of the company as a type of total quality management.

Available technology

BINA Company worked and is still working on utilizing all data of technology in the activities of real-estate investment, administration practices and communication with the information of company expansion and growth.

Information and market researches

BINA Company carries out field researches about its current and target markets in order to seize the available opportunities and to find the most effective investment alternatives. The company is linked to a group of trusted informational sources that provide it with investment indicators and market directions at all levels.

The company standard systems and guides

BINA Real-Estate Company develops a system and administration guide based on standards of total quality in running the company investment processes, including the systems of administration, finance, marketing, studies and sales.

Available opportunities

It is the vital source the company depends on to follow up its markets through its researches and public relations, as well as to involve in real-estate markets processes permanently.

The company Strategic allies

Over years, the company could establish and activate a wide network of strategic allies in the fields of finance, marketing, researches, studies, law and investment. This makes the network one of the important sources for the success of the company projects.

Sister companies

The company depends on this source as a complement to its investment processes and supports it with various investment tools necessary for the company processes in all fields.